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I have purchased through OSP on a number of occasions. This occasion I purchased products to the value of $490 and paid through PayPal.

I checked to see what the delay was one day only to find that my order had changed to $0. I contacted OSP via email quoting my Order Number only to have the reply come back that the order number doesn't exist. I went back online to check and found that they had deleted the order!!!

I told them that I had printed out a copy of the order as soon as I purchased it (which I had) and that I would be taking it further if my money was not refunded. They have since forwarded my complaint to "International Resolutions Group" and I have filed a complaint with PayPal as this is the only way I can be sure I will get my money back.

I can't believe that a fairly well know company would do this. It is theft. I recommend to anyone purchasing any products from One Stop Plus to always purchase through PayPal as it is the only way you can prove that you have paid money for any items from this compnay.

It is hard to believe that this is what their customer service team stoops to but I have the proof. I will let you know what the end result is.

Monetary Loss: $495.

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Complaint with One Stop Plus & Woman Within - www.OneStopPlus.com

Online Complaint with Woman Within - www.OneStopPlus.com If this is deleted I will still place this review on 100s of other sites worldwide.

I had the worst experience.

I will go into greater details after I have contacted the right authorities. I will say when I placed my order I asked what my subtotal amount is before having them charge my credit card. I decided to call back in to see if I could add something else to my order. I gave the representative my confirmation number and asked what my subtotal is for the order I had just placed.

This person gave me my subtotal and it was over $100.00 more than what I was told from the person who took my order by phone!!!! WOW!!! :(

I told this representative this is unacceptable. I had all the prices in front of me which included my discount coupon.

There online store system, I was told jacked up several clothing items! FOR Example, a short sleep shirt was $13.00 with coupon code $9.97, was jacket up to now $29.99!! Several prices went up over $20.00 per item and my new total with adding nothing else to my order was $100.00 MORE!!!

What I was told AND agreed to pay when ordering was not the fact.

When the lady took my order by phone she gave me a confirmation number with my subtotal amount that was to be charge to my credit card. That is what a confirmation number is all about. In the beginning I was going to place my own order online but the online system would not take my coupon code for some reason. The coupon code was not expired I was told.

I called in to have my ordered placed and the person I spoke to said the coupon code works on her side and she will take my order by phone. I said okay. I had the prices right in front of me on my computer with my calculator with my totals before calling in. I just needed the tax amount.

I have been a osp member, however; since this whole thing wasted hours of my time, I am giving my business to a reputable company who doesn't work hard on stealing from their customers. The people in charge of this operation know what they are doing. I have a close friend who is an attorney who I am going to have his office take a closer look at this company policies. I am also going to report this to the right authorities!

They have their system setup to over change their customers on purpose. How do I know? Please continue to read on. This is the reason onstopplus, women within, etc does not send you a confirmation receipt to your email address with detail information of what you just purchased.

They will send you an email concerning your shipping but not a detail receipt. I interviewed dozens of employees from the call center and recorded what each one of them said about the prices after a purchase is process. Basically, the representative at the call center are told if a customer calls in about an over price item or purchase to refer them to customer service. Customer service is careful about what they say to a customer and makes an excuse as if there are different prices for the same items within thousands of other catalogs they send out.

Customer service does not care and according to my interviews and recordings I believe they are fully aware of over charging and taking advantage of their customers. This is illegal and something must be done about it. When all of this was taking place, I had decided to call back again with in a few minutes later. I had resolved the $100.00 over charge to my order, but it was still off a few dollars more out of my pocket.

I spent an extra 30 minutes on the phone going over my order and the person at the call center made the corrections. Before hanging up I had my subtotal, the amount that is to be charged to my credit card. I am keeping great records of names and what was said to me. I called back in and spoke to another person and wanted to know what my total amount that was charged to my credit card and this person told me now $76.00 more!

WOW!!! It was just corrected and the system over charged me again or what I was told!!!!!!!!! We went back over the charges and this person corrected it but could tell this person didn't care about making the corrections. I again recorded the conversation and wrote down more details and I decided to call onestopplus.com again a few hours later on to see what is really going on here.

I did and AGAIN THEY WERE CHARGING ME NOW $47.00 MORE than what I agreed to pay. This is called false advertisement and is against the law. This company is NOT TRUST WORTHY. It appears they do not send out email receipts to their customers because they don't want anyone to acknowledge they are taking advantage and over charging their customers whatever their system is setup to do.

At this point, I have canceled my order. I will not be a member and of course, they will not refund my money but this is okay with me. It is better to acknowledge this is an on going problem than to be swindled out of your money. When you place an order you know what you are spending before giving the company permission to charge your credit card.

Later on when you get your order delivered your mind is not so fresh about the total amount you had paid. Just because I have invested hours of my time to experience this horrible situation I'm going to see what I can do about getting the right authorities involved. There are laws in our land to protect us from theft . I am going to call a investigator news reporter, etc.

I am interested now in pursuing this matter and getting to the bottom of this. If a Company over charges each customer $1.00 and they do this to a few million customers. That adds up to million of dollars of stolen money.

OneStopPlus.com with all the other stores involve OVER CHARGE you and then act like it is not a big deal. I recommend you find another place to spend your money and energy.

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